Monday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some good reading before markets open on Monday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: June 7 – 11, 2010

* Key Drivers for the Week Ahead: EU Uncertainty, U.S Economy

* Euro Extends Slide on Debt Crisis Concern

* Global Growth Likely to Remain Sluggish for Years: Roubini

* EU Works Out Loan Details

* Hungary Seeks to Reassure Investors

* Merkel Seeks `Decisive’ German Budget Cuts

* BP Increases Gulf Oil-Capture Rate to 10,500 Barrels a Day

* Two Men Arrested at JFK Airport, Charged With Plotting Terrorist Attacks

Latest Blog Posts:

* Seeking Alpha: Was the Jobs Report Really That Bad?

* Zero Hedge: 3 Days Into The Month = $169 Billion Of Debt Redeemed

* This Weekend’s G-20 Meeting Won’t Bring Any Answers on Financial Regulation

* The Huffington Post: To the Free Gaza Movement

* The Euobserver: Deficit Hysteria Will Kill Europe

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: WSCS: We Need a Financial Constitution

* China Financial Markets: The Shanghai market isn’t really predicting anything

Latest Analysis:

* Where the Hot Money Is Going Now


* Market Looking for a Little Relief After Brutal Week

* Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June: Charts

* Why Greece Will Dump Euro: Strategist

* Softer retail sales could depress moods

* A Little Advice for Market Worriers

Recommended Reading:

* A Question of Imbalance

* Betting on the Bad Guys

* As For That Little “Secret” Shindig In Sitges, Spain…

* U.S. Monetary Policy in the 2010s: The Mankiw Rule Today

* How BP Oil Spill May Affect Financial Markets

* Fast Traders’ New Edge

* Why Gold Can Be a Ridiculous Investment

* BP, Big Oil Get Big Win From Judges Not Judging

* Rare Blessing of Black Economy

Video Reports:

Trading Center:

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* Bob Farrel’s Ten Rules of Investing


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