Tuesday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some essential reading before markets open on Tuesday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* 3 Key Market Drivers May 31-June 4: Ongoing EU Debt Crisis, Wild Cards, Economic Calendar

* European Confidence Slips, Inflation Accelerates

* Stocks Rise in Europe

* Global Growth Likely to Remain Sluggish for Years: Roubini

* U.S. to Push Europe Stress Tests

* China Property Bubble Bursts

* Bundesbank Attacks ECB Bond-Buying Plan

* Israel Boards Gaza-Bound Aid Ships, 10 Dead

* Traders Send Chile Interest Rate Swaps to 2-Week High

* France Warns on Credit Rating, Germany on Taxes

Latest Blog Posts:

* Seeking Alpha: What Good Is an iPad?

* Zero Hedge: “A Brutal Ambush At Sea” – The Spin Begins

* StraightStocks.com: Dead Global Economy Walking

* The Huffington Post: Why Is “Free Trade” Conventional Wisdom?

* The Euobserver: Deficit Hysteria Will Kill Europe

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Ratings Agencies Rubber Stamped Mortgage Backed Securities

* China Financial Markets: Don’t misread the trade implications of the euro crisis for China

Latest Analysis:

* Miserable May=Summer Rally?

* 3 Indicators That Markets Could Be Oversold

* Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June: Charts

* ‘Worst’ Stocks Will Be ‘Best’ Performers: Analyst

* Time to Pass on European Banks

* A Little Advice for Market Worriers


Recommended Reading:

* Sugar Daddy China Should Dock Kim’s Allowance

* Fears Rise in Europe Over Potential Deflation

* Gold at $36,000 Not as Ridiculous as It Sounds?

* Sovereign Debt Issuance to Speed Up, at Europe’s Peril

* Analysts name the 75 most influential buyside specialists in Europe

* Why It’s Likely a Correction and Not Another Train Crash

* Why Gold Can Be a Ridiculous Investment

* Is Europe Turning Japanese?

* Rare Blessing of Black Economy

Video Reports:

Trading Center:

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* Bob Farrel’s Ten Rules of Investing


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