Thursday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some essential reading before markets open on Tuesday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Bond Distress Rises to Highest Since 2009


* Stocks fade late as euro sinks; Dow ends under 10K

* Market Doubts Over Euro Zone Justified, Say Bankers

* EU Proposes Bank Levy for Crisis Funds

* Geithner To Confer With European Leaders

* Lehman sues JPMorgan over its collapse

* Spain Fears Sink European Stocks

* Japanese Exports Increase for Fifth Month

* Oil prices jump 4 percent after 3-week slump

Latest Blog Posts:

* Econotwist’s Blog: Merkel, Obama, Sarkozy Have Investors Shitting Their Pants

* Seeking Alpha: One Strong Case for Firmly Regulating High Frequency Trading

* Zero Hedge: Bailouts Didn’t Save The World

* How to Make Money During Market Corrections

* The Huffington Post: Wall Street’s Victory Lap

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Is North Korean Aggression the Beginning of Something Bigger?

* China Financial Markets: Don’t misread the trade implications of the euro crisis for China

* The EUobserver: Austerity is not the answer

Latest Analysis:

* Yoshikami: 6 Correction Survival Points



* BP Update: In-Depth Stock Analysis

* Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June: Charts

* Art Cashin: The May Selloff-Bounce Pattern



* Time to Pass on European Banks

* Farrell: Trichet—A Vestal Virgin No More



Recommended Reading:

* Corporate Euro Cracks Are Visible, Too

* Henninger: A New Age of Reform

* The Myth About Market Bubbles

* Premature Austerity

* Blame Is Still a Matter of Speculation

* Why We Lie So Well

* ‘’100% Protected’’ Isn’t as Safe as It Sounds

* Is Europe Turning Japanese?

* How Apple Keeps Screwing It Up


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