Tuesday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some essential reading before markets open on Tuesday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Trading Week Outlook: May 16 – 21, 2010


* HSBC Shares Suffer Euro Collapse

* Spain Is an ‘Anti-Market,’ Banks Won’t Come Clean

* Italy Banning Cash Transactions Over €5,000


* Fed Not Likely To Sell Assets In Near Future

* Double Dip Recession Now Guaranteed?

* Selling Euros for Kiwis

Latest News:

* U.S Sell-Off Accelerate in Late Trade


* Bank Group Seeks Task Force for Wind-Down System

* FDIC’s Bair Says European Banks Should Hold More Capital


Latest Blog Posts:

* Seeking Alpha: Know When to Walk Away

* Zero Hedge: Is The Swiss National Bank Using UBS To Launder Its Euro Purchases?


* StraightStocks.com: Put On Your Selling Shorts This Summer

* The Huffington Post: Get a Grip: Austerity Does Not Produce Prosperity


* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Outrageous But Legal: AIG Scam Mastermind Joseph Cassano Avoids DOJ Charges


* China Financial Markets: Don’t misread the trade implications of the euro crisis for China

* The Collector: Flight to Qualitas

Latest Analysis:

* Roubini: Stocks to Fall 20% Further—Cash Is Best

* Gold Headed to $1,500

* Don’t Rule Out a Double Dip Recession

* The Horizon Accident, Peak Oil and the Law of Diminishing Returns

* Time to Pass on European Banks

* Farrell: Trichet—A Vestal Virgin No More

Recommended Reading:

* Corporate Euro Cracks Are Visible, Too

* America’s Pathetic Response to the Gulf Catastrophe

* The Myth About Market Bubbles

* Premature Austerity


* Blame Is Still a Matter of Speculation

* Why We Lie So Well

* ‘’100% Protected’’ Isn’t as Safe as It Sounds


* More Predictable: Financial Disaster or Earthquake?


* Regulators May Never Know Cause of ‘’Flash Crash’’


Video Reports:


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