Thursday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some essential reading before markets open on Thursday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Trading Week Outlook: May 16 – 21, 2010

* US Commercial Property Drop, As Rebound Stalls

* Oil prices continue three-week slide

* Default Swaps Soar After Merkel’s ”Act of Desperation’’

* Greece Denies It’s Leaving EU; Euro Pares Gains

* Fed’s Paints Brighter Picture of Growth, Employment

* Greek Central Bank Accused Of Encouraging Naked Short Selling Of Its Own Bonds

* Europe’s Debt Crisis Shows Risks for US: Volcker

* Euro is facing ’’existential crisis,’’ Merkel says

Latest Blog Posts:

* Econotwist’s Blog: Merkel: The Euro Is At Risk, Could Have Global Consequences

* The Swapper: Killing My CDS Softly

* Seeking Alpha: Why We Need the Merkley-Levin Amendment

* Zero Hedge: The End Of The Gold Bull Market

* Trade, the Euro and China

* The Huffington Post: Finally, Republicans Come Out to Fight: Where’s the President?

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Should Every Country Ban Naked Short Selling and Credit Default Swaps?

* The EUobserver:Euro-politicians out of control

Latest Analysis:

* Investors Should Avoid Banks ‘At All Costs’: Meredith Whitney

* German Short-Selling Ban May Backfire

* The Euro Party’s Over. What Now?

* Ihe VIX Term Structure and What It Says About Future Volatility

* Markets to Rise 11-14% by Year End

* Bond Rally Ends, but Opportunities Remain

Recommended Reading:

* Now We Have a True Test of Leadership

* Five Things You Should Know About High-Speed Trading

* Confirms Exchange-Based Frontrunning Is The Norm

* Premature Austerity

* Why Canada Should Be the EU’s Model

* Sovereign Debt ‘Vigilantes’ Put Europe on Notice

* Report Underscores Immediate Need for Civil Rights Intervention

* The Euro and German Hyper-Inflationist Paranoia

* Shocking NASA Image: Southeast Oil Slick Arm

Video Reports:


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