Thursday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some stuff to digest before markets open on Thursday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* E.U. to Take More Fiscal Control
* Spain to Slash Wages to Cut Deficit, Unions Angry
* Government Probe into Wall Street Sales Widening

* Big Majority Believes U.S. Still in Recession: Poll


* Euro Shares End Higher

* Pound Falls Despite U.K. Cost-Cutting Plans

* Euro-Zone GDP Points To a Fragile Recovery


Latest News:

* U.S. Stocks Gain as Europe Financial Crisis Eases

* Spain to Slash Wages to Cut Deficit, Unions Angry

* U.S. Investigates Morgan Stanley

Latest Blog Posts:

* Seeking Alpha: Reading Into the Simultaneous Rise in Gold and the U.S. Dollar


* Zero Hedge: Must Read: Michael Lewis’ Latest Memo To Lloyd Blankfein

* The Huffington Post: We Beat the Fed

* China Financial Markets: Are you ready for the United States of Germany?

* BoomBustBlog: How the US Has Perfected the Use of Economic Imperialism Through the European Union!

Latest Analysis:

* Can Both Stocks & Gold Rally At The Same Time?


* Euro Will Collapse Like Tower of Babel

* US Exposure to EU Bailout Is Big But Risk Is Limited

* Market Volatility to Continue Through 2010


* Greece and Gold: Is There a Correlation?

* Dow to Fall Near 4200-5000 by Mid-2011

Recommended Reading:

* Now We Have a True Test of Leadership

* How 4 Big Banks Profited Each Trading Day in Quarter

* Britain Now Sleepwalking to Disaster

* The Next Financial Unraveling – with MIT Professor Simon Johnson

* A New Era for Funds of Hedge Funds: Sunrise or Sunset?

* Pimco’s El-Erian: Europe in uncharted waters

Video Reports:


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