Banks Protesters Storm Irish Parliament

Protesters stormed Ireland‘s parliament last night during a march against government plans to inject billions of euros into the country‘s banks, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Dozens of people broke away from the march and ran at the gates of the parliament’s main building, Leinster House, the newspaper writes.

They wrestled with police, who tried to force them back and secure the gate.

At least one man suffered a head injury during the scuffles with organizers appealing for calm.

Officers stopped the protesters from breaching the gate.

Gardai said no arrests were made and the scuffle was brought under control within minutes.

One man was seen walking away with blood dripping from the back of his head, according to

This video is just uploaded on YouTube, apparently made by one of the protesters:

It is not the first protest i Ireland over the economic problems – here’s a BBC report from February last year:

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