Athens: Banks On Fire – Thee Dead

Greek demonstrations against government austerity measures turned deadly when three people were killed after protesters set fire to a bank and several others buildings in central Athens.

“These measures are unjust and should be paid for by those politicians over the past 30 years who have led us here.”

Barbara Tzerbou

Fire officials at the scene have discovered three bodies in the burning building, a branch of Marfin Egnatia Bank SA, located near the Greek parliament. At least three more buildings were set on fire and 30 fire trucks and 80 firefighters battled the blazes, fire officials says according to Bloomberg.

Marfin spokesman Serapheim Konstantinidis said that the bank was trying to identify the three victims and couldn’t confirm whether they were employees.

A bank worker who escaped the blaze said the fire spread very quickly and it was hard to tell how it started.

Today’s general strike, the third this year, follows Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s announcement of a second set of wage cuts for public workers, a three-year freeze on pensions and a second increase this year in sales taxes and the price of fuel, alcohol and tobacco in return for a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Trade union groups have called the austerity measures “savage.”

“These measures are unjust and should be paid for by those politicians over the past 30 years who have led us here,” said Barbara Tzerbou, 37, a lawyer who traveled to central Athens with her brother to participate in her first-ever protest.

Papandreou “had choices; we didn’t need to get as far as the IMF,” she says.

Video of violence erupting in Greece, over government cost cuts.

A group of protesters also attempted to storm the Greek parliament after confrontations got heated earlier with tear gas hot potatoes being thrown between citizens and riot police, things have moderated somewhat now, although riot police has still completely encircled the parliament building, according to Zero Hedge.

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