Iceland: New Eruption – More Ash

The volcano at the Eyjafjallajökull area in Iceland started pumping out new enormous masses of volcano ash around midnight Tuesday. A new heavier than expected ash cloud reached the coast of Norway this morning, closing the airport at Bergen and Stavanger. The cloud is now moving towards southern and western parts of Europe.

“I can confirm that the outbreak has now become stronger.”

British Metrological  Service

British meteorologists confirmed late Monday that the volcano in Iceland has had a powerful eruption and a new ash cloud is moving south and west in Europe, according to the Norwegian News Agency, NTB.

“I can confirm that the outbreak has now become stronger, and it appears that a new ash cloud is moving, but we do not have more details now. It’s very hectic here,” a spokesman at the British meteorological service said to Norwegian at midnight, Monday.

According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) the projections show that an ash cloud will pass over the Stavanger area at 2 o’clock Monday morning.

It is intended to reach the Bergen airport Flesland around eight o’clock Tuesday morning.

This probably means that air traffic will be affected.

According to NRK the cloud will be in the area throughout the day, but go away and get smaller over time.

Icelandic meteorologists said earlier Monday to NTB that the ash from the volcano no longer reached more than 12,000 to 15,000 feet. That would imply that it would not reach all the way to Norway.

Airports in Scotland will probably be open on Tuesday morning as planned. But it is uncertain what happens to airports in Northern Ireland, according to a statement from the British air traffic control company, National Air Traffic Services (Nats).

Still, Nats plan to open portions of airspace in parts of England and Wales, but the airports in London will probably still have to be closed, the web site report.

Airports in the Baltic states and in Finland are now being shut down, reports.

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