Monday Morning Kick Off

Here’s some good reading before markets open on Monday morning , provided by high5finance:

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 11 – 16, 2010

* E.U. Offer Greece $61bn Rescue Package

* Here come the profit reports

* Earnings, Economic Reports Set to Tell Tale of Recovery

* Greek Aid Plan to Weigh on Treasuries

* China’s Trade Deficit Tangles Yuan Issue

* Week ahead: Giants and a minnow

* Trichet Sees Uncertain Recovery

* U.S. Retail Sales, Confidence Probably Climbed

* Angry Schwab bond-fund customers win in court

* Five world markets themes

Latest News:

* Greece Wins EU45bn Aid Pledge

* Polish President, Central Banker Die in Plane Crash

* Barclay’s to oversee sale of Liverpool FC

* China Said to Halt Import Permits for Argentina

* Lunch-Only Beer Policy Prompts Carlsberg Strike

* JPY Speculative Shorts Surge Most Since ’07

Latest Blog Posts:

Econotwist’s Blog: Who’s Hiding In The Sherwood Forrest? Fiat Currency: A Common Sell-Side Trade

Seeking Alpha: In Game Theory, Greece Is the Start, U.S. Is the Endgame

Zero Hedge: Looming European Debt Wars?

The Huffington Post: Why the Fight for Financial Reform Needs to Get Much More Personal

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: The NFL Races Wall Street

The EUobserver: Pro-missing Journalism

Reggie Middelton: A Fraud By Any Other Name… Reuters Says Everybody Did the Lehman Brothers!

Latest Analysis:

Economic Indicators Not Indicating Dow Slide

* U.S. Economy: The Case for More Stimulus

* Is the New Bull Market for Real?

* Earnings Growth: Too Good to Last?

* Rethinking Oil and Natural Gas Prices

* Are We Pricing in a Fake Recovery?

* NASDAQ: The Market Melt-Up Continues

Recommended Reading:

* A Dramatic Impact on Politics in Poland

* Preventing Excessive Risk-Taking

* False Profits: Dean Baker’s View of the Financial Crisis

* Investors ‘’Does Not Have Faith’’ In the Stock Market

* New Ways to Read the Economy

* Consumers Are Facing the End of Cheap Credit

* Want to Be Successful? Think Like a Drug Dealer

* Cash Crunch Will Force Governments to Do Less

Video Reports:

* Fears Uncontrolled Crisis In Europe

* Weekend Tea Party Rally In The U.S.

* U.S. Debt: Not Much Better Than Greek

* FED With A Fake Mustache


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