Thursday Morning Kick Off

Here’s some of the good stuff to read before markets open on Thursday, provided by high5finance:

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 5 – 9, 2010

* U.S. Consumer Credit Shrank $11.5bn in February

* Stocks in U.S. Fall

* Stocks Drop in Europe

* Greek Banks Seek More Aid as Spreads Widen Again

* Bernanke: Economy not ”out of the woods”

* Kyrgyzstan: Opposition Claims Control, At Least 40 People Killed

* EU suggests €50 billion bank tax idea

* Europe Economy Unexpectedly Stagnated in Q4

* Oil Outlook: Crude Aiming for $100?

Latest News:

* Greek 10-Year Yields Climb to Decade High

* Treasurys Rally After 10-Year Note Sale

* China to Sell Three-Year Bills

* Ford Sells Bonds as Junk Rallies for 14th Month

* Moody’s Downgrades Los Angeles

* State of Emergency Declared in Bangkok

* Record number of Estonian firms are insolvent

Latest Blog Posts:

Econotwist’s Blog: Estonia: Something Doesn’t Seem Right Springtime for Economics: Ignoring the Bubble Era Mistakes

Seeking Alpha: Why We Aren’t Headed for a Decade of 1970s-Style ‘Stagflation

Zero Hedge: The Latest Gold Fraud Bombshell: Canada’s Only Bullion Bank Gold Vault Is Practically Empty

The Huffington Post: Protectionism Didn’t Cause the Great Depression

The Collector: Break through at Large Hadron Collider

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: The Federal Reserve is Public Enemy #1

The EUobserver: A banker’s tax for the EU!

Latest Analysis:

* Will Rising Oil Prices Make the Solar Industry Shine?

* Earnings Growth: Too Good to Last?

* How We Became Small Enough to Fail

* Key Political Risks to Watch in Greece

* Active vs. Passive Management: An Academic Overview

* Trend: Investing in Retail Rebound

Recommended Reading:

* Attractive Stock Valuations – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

* The IMF? Who Needs The IMF?

* Seven Blasts Stoke Fears in Baghdad

* The Problems With Employment Data Tracking Patterns

* Faber Report: Is Greece at the Tipping Point?

* Spain Is Getting Its Economic Vision From Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra

* How to Tell When the Recession Is Really Over

* Sports Betting Hedge Fund Becomes Reality


Happy Trading !

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