Forget iPad – Here's iRock!

The number of unique visitors at the Econotwist’s Blog is now growing by almost a thousand per month. I’m honored and inspired, and thankful. I’ll do my best to provide the stuff you like to read and perhaps give you a few surprises along the way. This month I – in a timely manner –  introduce “iROCK”; on this page I will share my collection of music video‘s produced during the financial crisis. It’s a unique documentation of a global economic crisis. With humor, tragedy and both, some pure genius. Hope you’ll enjoy the worlds first financial music video channel!

“The U.S. governments stimulus programs have at least stimulated people’s creativity.”


As pointed out in my 2009 mini series, “Sound of W*** Street”, the current financial crisis is being documented in a unique way by various music videos published on YouTube. I’ve been collecting the videos for quite some time, but they still keep on coming. So, I’ve decided to share them with you as I continuously discover new songs from both ordinary people and from market professionals.

But let me first thank you for the great positive response on my blogging.

The traffic on this site grows at the moment at a pace of almost 1000 new unique visitors per month.

At the charts I look like typical bubble!

Now, speaking of bubbles…

“The Great Bubble” or “The Great Recession” have (and still is) been portrayed by a series of music video’s published mainly on YouTube.

I’ve been collecting music video’s related to the financial crises for over a year, but they keep on coming.

One of the first music videos related to this financial crisis was produced by the students of Columbia Business School in April 2006, as Ben Bernanke was appointed new FED chairman.

In this video you have the CBS Dean, Glenn Hubbard, singing about wanting Alan Greenspan’s job that went instead to Harvard-professor Ben Bernanke.

In retrospective, the lyric is particularly interesting.

I’ll keep posting new video’s as I stumble on to them.



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