Monday Markets Kick Off

Here’s some stuff to digest before diving into the last days of trading before the Easter holiday.

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Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: March 28 – April 2, 2010

* Increasing Social Unrest:  Yesterday Athens — Today Moskow

* Stocks, Commodities Gain as Yen, Dollar Fall

* Dozens Are Killed in Moscow Metro Blasts

* Week Ahead: It’s All About Jobs and Rates

* Greek Aid Deal: Mixed Market Respons

* Experts Talk Consumer Confidence, Greek Rescue, Obama Foreclosure Plan

* Irish banks aren’t smiling

* Barroso: Estonia close to euro-entry approval

* Europe Economic Confidence Jumps More Than Forecast

Latest News:

* Treasury moves closer to selling Citi stake

* Greece Offers Five Times Spain Yield Spread in Bond Sale

* UBS Buys 3,000 Large S&P Contracts

* FDIC’s Bair Supports US, Euro Plan to Tax Large Banks

* Rio Tinto Employees Sentenced in Chinese Bribery Case

* European Stocks Close Little Changed

Latest Blog Posts:

Econotwist’s Blog: Markets To Test Greece

MoonTalk: Sovereign Debt – Just Take The Punch? With CPI numbers rising and falling, how do we know deflation is winning?

Seeking Alpha: Rumor: Google, Adobe to Get Chummier via Flash

Zero Hedge: Are Pig Farmers Doing All The Trading?

The Huffington Post: Paul Volcker, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Kaufman: We Need New Law

Dagens Ledelse: Biskoper på leit

Latest Analysis:

* Natural gas: Fuel of the future

* What To Expect This Earnings Season

* Reforms Are Needed More Than Bailouts

* Pessimism Is Priced In – Bet the Other Way

* Big U.K. Banks Likely to Remain Fragile

* Germany Cools to EU Unity, Turning Inward

Recommended Reading:

* Manure Raises a New Stink

* German Victory in Brussels Blows Away EU Illusions

* SEC Drops Derivatives Bomb on Active ETF Hopefuls

* The US-China-Australia love triangle

* Bank-Tax Concept Gains Momentum

* Stocks Soar, but Many Analysts Ask Why

* U.S. markets at a crossroads

* Welcome to Europe

Happy Trading !

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