The Latvian Solution: Go Blonde!

On May 29, tens of thousands of blondes will parade through the Latvian capital of Riga, as part of the city’s annual Go Blonde festival. The event, originally conceived to uplift the public mood during the country’s economic crisis is rapidly becoming a major tourist attraction for the whole region.

“Go Blonde will soon be as important a project for Latvia as the carnivals in Brazil.”

Marika Ģederte

“Blondes in Latvia are unique. Last year’s parade, this year’s festival and next year’s carnival have and will make a substantial contribution toward Latvia’s tourism sector. Go Blonde will soon be as important a project for Latvia as the carnivals in Brazil and Italy which are of great interest to thousands of tourists,” says Marika Ģederte, President of the Latvian Association of Blondes and organizer of the event.

According to balticbusiness, this year’s Go Blonde festival will offer a theme-based party called Some Like it Hot,” a competition for impersonators of Marilyn Monroe at the Motor Museum, the parade and show in Dome Square, the Pink Lounge, a concert with performances by blonde divas, and the concluding event – the Pink Party at the Godvil nightclub.

The full programme for May 28-29 events is available at

The Latvian Association of Blondes focuses primarily on charitable events. Unique T-shirts for this year’s festival will be sold, with part of the profits to be devoted to charity projects.

The association is helping to establish a playground for children with special needs, with airBaltic securing the first large donation for the purpose.

It organises the “Princess Camp” for mothers with children with special needs, and it organises a Christmas charity event for children.

Last year’s blonde parade in Riga attracted global media attention, presenting Latvia in a positive way – “Latvia has found a way to fight against the crisis.”

A more thorough look at all of this publicity can be found at

Maybe there is something to the old saying; “blondes have more fun”?

And belive me; the Latvian Association Of Blondes are worth have a look at…

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