Coldest January In Norwegian History

Over 40 weather stations in Norway has recorded temperatures more than 10 degrees (C) below average this year. At Røros, in the middle of the Scandinavian country, the average temperature between the 1st and 9th of January is minus 29 degrees (C) – the coldest weather period ever recorded.

“This year, starting in January, is 17.8 degrees below normal, and the largest deviation from the normal temperature of all monitoring stations in Norway.”


(Article in English, links to sources in Norwegian).

Røros/Norway, January 5. Temperature; - 37,2 celsius. (Photo:

Never before has a colder winter officially been recorder in Norway. The records began in 1871 – 139 years ago.

The small town Røros in the middle of Norway is known for its cold winters, but this years temperatures is highly unusual.

The average temperature at Røros since the start of the year is minus 29 degrees celsius. That’s 17,8 degrees below average temperature over the last 139 years, the norwegian news paper Adresseavisen says on its web site.

The official recordings began i 1871.

The last six nights the temperature has fallen below minus 35 degrees, and the extreme cold weather is expected to last for another week.

At over 40 locations in Norway the average  temperature is more than 10 degrees below the normal, so far in January.

The coldest places are in the counties; Hedmark (four weather stations), Finnmark (three monitoring stations), Buskerud (two monitoring stations) and Southern Trøndelag (one station).

Only at two of the more than 220 measurement stations of the Norwegian Meteorological Department, the temperature is above normal.

And the strangest thing: those two measuring stations are located in the northern part of  Norway –  very far north, west in the ocean around Lofoten!

The Coldest Places in Norway:

(Average Temperatures)

1. Røros:  – 29,0 ( 17,8 below normal average)

2. Tynset: – 28,4 (14,9 below normal average)

3. Dagali: – 27,0 (16,7  bna)

4. Karasjok:  – 26,6 ( 9,5 bna)

5. Drevsjø: – 26,1 (14,6 bna)

6. Hemsedal: – 24,8 (no average)

7. Evenstad: – 24,5 (14,0 bna)

8. Rena: – 24,4 (13,2 bna)

9. Kautokeino: – 24,4 (8,0 bna)

10. Pasvik: – 24,4 (9,9 bna)


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