A non-agreement on nothing

Friday evening, said U.S. President Barac Obama that it is achieved “meaningful and enestårende” climate agreement after negotiations on overtime in Copenhagen.  But the so-called agreement does not contain anything concrete. See for yourself.

U.S. President Barack Obama told the press late Friday night that it had achieved a “meaningful and unique agreement” between the world’s heads of state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 2050.

In addition, it agreed to create a climate fund of 100 billion dollars to be used for mitigation in developing countries.

The agreement was presented in Copenhagen for talks on overtime between the U.S. and China.

– For the first time in history have all the major world economies come together and accepted its responsibility to act against the looming climate change, said Obama, according to international news agencies

Not binding

– The agreement is not legally binding, but what it does is to allow each country to show the world what they are doing, and it will be agreed from each country that we are in this together. We will see who meets, and who do not meet, the common commitments that have been put forth, “said Obama.

– We know that the measures we do not have sole NOK to get where we need to be by 2050, but that is why this should be the first step.

Obama thinks there are nødvending with a legally binding agreement, but that one could not sit to wait for everyone to agree on details.

X-and Y-agreement

The agreement is not legally binding and it is up to each country if they want to sign or not,

Those who write under is committed only to participate in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – individually or collectively – with 80 per cent towards 2050.

Each country can even fill out the percentage they will reduce their emissions by up to 2020 – X percent compared to 1990 and Y per cent compared to 2005.

According to the agreement, specific targets and commitments specified in a new agreement by 2016.


Politicians disappointed – environmentalists outraged

There are apparently no one – except Obama – who is satisfied with the agreement.

“Let’s be honest, this is not a perfect agreement. It does not remove the climate pressures, climate change threat to humanity”, said EU president, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt told a news conference on Friday night.

“Our future is not for sale. I regret to inform you that Tuvalu can not accept this document,” said Ian Fry, who represents the small øystaten in the Pacific Ocean is likely to disappear in the ocean if sea levels rise as much as feared.

Fry calls the document a betrayal of biblical proportions.

“It looks like we have been offered 30 pieces of silver to betray our people and our future.”


Greepeace: “Copenhagen is the site of a crime today, and the culprit is the wild flight to the airport. There is neither the goal for emissions cuts or a legally binding agreement,” said John Sauve from the British division of Greenpeace.

Friends of Earth: “The agreement a miserable failure, and says that the rich countries thus have condemned millions of the world’s poorest people to starvation, suffering and loss of life as the climate changes ahead.” Det sier organisasjonens leder Nnimmo Bassey.

“Ansvaret for dette katastrofale resultatet ligger direkte hos de rike landene,” It says the organization’s leader Nnimmo Bassey.

“The responsibility for this disastrous outcome is directly in the rich countries,”

World Development Group: “The summit has been the only chaos from beginning to end, and finally ended in a shameful and monumental failure to judge one million around the world to indescribable suffering,” says Tim Jones in the WDG.

“To say that this agreement at any way is historical or meaningful is to fake the fact that it is empty of content. It is in reality meaningless. “

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